How to get more profit from your apartment building?

We can find a way for anyone; whose purpose is to keep property or its part, as well find a way for owner to take a sharp step towards getting most of their property. We will show you what to improve and how to approach towards your property so it generates revenue.  Realization of each variant does not require further means from Your part. All steps are solved and financed. So, what are the options?

Plánujeme zisk


Complete property revitalisation, which enables raise of rents, improves tenant composition and long-term holding of property alongside with increased constant revenue without having to worry of investing more.

Vidíme příležitost

         PARTIAL SELLOFF                  

Division of property by stating the declaration of owner and sell-out of housing units for generating capital for Your own needs, and of course way of obtaining resources to reconstruct remaining units to achieve stable rent.


Complete selloff of your property per housing units in order to achieve maximum turnover from your real estates, turnover, which would only be viable of achieving through a standard approach via investor or developer.


Is Your real estate fair source of revenue?

We bring you a thorough guide to change your whole viewpoint on your real estate, either in real or figurative sense. To ensure that your property is not just a heavy burden but a source of profit and prestige. Offer you a way to tackle issues that cost time and prevent estate’s market potential. And lastly to aid you form your attitude towards your real estate and generate revenue, as if you were developer or investor yourself.

“Selling apartment building via real estate agency brings revenue only to developer or investor. This revenue could be all yours”. 

Realized projects

Though working on activities surrounding building apartments is our daily bread, we have the utmost interest in approaching to each building with maximum care. This attitude has been following us for more than years when we began.  Do you want to take a peak in our history? We respect every owner and we are proud to show you what we have realized.

  • Rezidence u Nikolajky 10

    Rezidence u Nikolajky 10

    • Počet bytů: 23
    • Město: Praha
  • Rezidence Římská 20

    Rezidence Moravská 18

    • Užitná plocha: 1020 m2
    • Město: Praha
  • Rezidence Koperníkova 50

    Rezidence Koperníkova 50

    • Počet bytů: 22
    • Město: Plzeň
  • Rezidence Sudoměřská 5

    Rezidence Sudoměřská 5

    • Počet bytů: 27
    • Město: Praha
  • Rezidence Korunovační 14

    Rezidence Neklanova 38

    • Počet bytů: 21
    • Město: Praha

“Selling apartment building via real estate agency brings revenue only to developer or investor. This revenue could be all yours”.  

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